plant-based food

Our plant-based carry-out cuisine service, FengFit Foods, offers highly nutritious and delicious vegan & vegetarian-friendly soups, salads and blended juices to-go!

Our food is made from the very freshest vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, natural condiments, sea vegetables, and soy products.
More then 50 percent of our food is grown by local farmers, using certified organic farming methods. Our food is cooked in stainless steel cookware with fresh spring water. FengFit™ cuisine is uniquely balanced according to low glycemic, low fat, dairy free principles and heart-healthy nutrition philosophies. Moreover, it is free of all animal products, refined sugars, white flours, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and dairy products. And with the exception of a few items (tempeh and tofu), all of our cuisine is made fresh at The Lu-Jean Feng Clinic.